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9+ Best Fitness Clothing Affiliate Program To Make Money Online

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Best Fitness Clothing Affiliate Programs

There has been a huge increase in sales since the pandemic began, and you can make extra money by selling fitness apparel. Being healthy is not that important, so some people take advantage of this opportunity. There are many fitness apparel affiliate programs online that pay high commissions (30-50%) and offer great benefits including store credit and PayPal payments when you buy on forums like eBay or Amazon. We have researched the top 10 fitness clothing affiliate program that are easy to join and can earn you huge income as an affiliate.

1. Under Armour Affiliate Program

 Under Armour Affiliate Program

Under Armour is a highly successful apparel brand that sells activewear shoes, tops, bottoms, and other accessories for men, women, boys, and girls. Their products are made for compression and good temperature control.

With the development of smart technology, Under Armour has now entered the technology space through apps, fabric, and footwear technology. The Under Armour affiliate program allows the company to sell its products and earn a commission on each sale. Additionally, you will receive a 5% commission on each sale and a 30-day cookie period for all orders purchased through

2. Nike Affiliate Program

 Nike Affiliate Program

Operating in more than 160 countries worldwide, Nike is the world’s most valuable apparel brand and it is no exaggeration to call Nike a leader in footwear, equipment and fitness apparel. Nike offers a golden opportunity to qualified websites to increase their reputation and profits by promoting their products.

Through the Nike Affiliate Program, selected websites can browse through all kinds of Nike products like Men’s fitness apparel, Women’s sports apparel, and Boys’ and Girls’ Nike merchandise, and gets shareable links on them. The affiliates can earn up to 11% on each sale with a 30-day cookie period. Since Nike products are not cheap, you will have the potential to make good money through commissions.    

3. Adidas Affiliate Program

fitness clothing affiliate program

Brand Adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry operating in more than 180 countries. Adidas Affiliate Program is a marketing strategy by the Adidas company with the aim to promote its products and services through the network of affiliates. 

The program allows its affiliates to earn commissions by mentioning adidas products on their website or other social media channels. Fitness Apparel’s affiliate program rewards its customers for their loyalty and allows them to earn money by referring products to others. Prizes can be cash or discounts on products.

Subscribers receive a shareable referral link that can be shared with friends, family and others. You can get a discount on the product after registering using the link. If he buys anything from Adidas within 6 months, the referrer will get 10% in cash or store credit.

4. Gymshark Affiliate Program

fitness clothing affiliate program

Gymshark is a fitness apparel brand based in England. Started by a teenager in 2012, Gymshark has grown rapidly to become the fastest-growing company in the UK. Brand revenue is often driven by social media influencers. GymShark has launched an affiliate program to partner with influencers and increase its brand reach.

The Gymshark Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission on Gymshark products sold. As an affiliate partner, you are provided with a unique shareable link to share on your website, social media, YouTube, and other channels. 

When a user purchases the product through your link, you will earn a part of the commission on the sale. It doesn’t cost you anything to join this affiliate program and start earning right now. Create an account and you can start sharing the link. Gymshark provides you with all the necessary resources to get you started.         

5. Reebok Footwear & Apparel 

fitness clothing affiliate program

Reebok is a popular American-inspired global brand that creates visually appealing and authentic products in sports, fitness, and women’s categories. Being a global athletic footwear company for over a century, Reebok is well aware of what the global audience is looking for. They make products that are fashionable and functional to make you wear fitness apparel that gives a cool look to you. 

Apart from selling sportswear, Reebok also sells jogging pants, gloves, bags and other accessories that you can wear after a hard workout. You can browse 13,466 products and earn money by selling them with 7% commission and 30 days cookie period. Above all, Reebok allows shoppers to express themselves by designing their own shoes. Reebok’s streamlined online customization function allows readers to customize anything from the tongue to the sole.

6. Gorilla Wear Affiliate Program

fitness clothing affiliate program

Gorilla Wear is a fitness and lifestyle brand. The company has been manufacturing lifestyle apparel and accessories for more than 30 years to motivate people to work out and get healthy. They deliver aesthetically appealing athleisure to over 150 countries and have contacts with more than 65 established distributors. 

They sell different kinds of clothing like tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tights, leggings, and many more so there is a huge opportunity for you to make more money. This Gorilla fitness clothing affiliate program allows affiliates to earn 10%-25% from each sale made through the unique referral link. They also offer a two-tier percentage of up to 10% of earnings from your sub-affiliate earnings. It has a 90-day cookie life so the affiliates make more money.  

7. ActiveFit Wear Affiliate Program

fitness clothing affiliate program

Activefit wear is designed to stand with women on a mission to change the world. The garment is designed to provide a luxurious look in high performance sportswear for work. ActiveFit has launched a womenswear affiliate program where anyone can sell their products and earn up to 20% commission on each product sale using a personal link. It has 90 days cookie period so you can earn more money.

8. Nimble Affiliate Program

fitness clothing affiliate program

Nimble Active Wear is a women’s fitness apparel brand that sells tanks, long sleeves, shorts, sports bras and other accessories. If you have a niche website or blog, this brand has a great selection of Activewear products that will allow you to promote and monetize them.

All this is possible with a Nimble affiliate program. This women’s clothing affiliate program is free and easy to join. Earn up to 10% commission on every sale with 30 day cookie period.

9. Puma Affiliate Program

fitness clothing affiliate program

Puma is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world manufacturing athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and other sports accessories. This brand has collaborated with the top fashion designers and has expanded its presence in the fashion marketplace. Puma has one of the largest affiliate marketing programs.

Besides being the world’s most popular brand, Puma offers you an excellent opportunity to earn money by promoting its products and earning a 10 % commission on every sale made through the Puma Affiliate Program. The Puma affiliates remote footwear, apparel, and other workout accessories Joining the Puma Affiliate Program is simple and free. 

10. Love Fitness Apparel Affiliate Program 

fitness clothing affiliate program

Love Fitness is another activewear business that offers a wide range of options for women’s apparel like shorts, sports bras, leggings, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, and accessories. Users can search for the type of items and browse through seven different collections to find out the best look for them. 

The company also offers free shipping for customers with orders of more than $100. To take its products to more audience, the company has initiated the Love Fitness Clothing Affiliate program that lets you partner with the brand and gets a 10% commission on every sale. There is a 30-day cookie period to help you make more money.  

Wrapping Up!

There are no shortcuts to earning money fast. The real challenge comes when things don’t go as you expect. If you are a new blogger, please remember that it takes time to build a successful business or high-traffic website online. 
Take help from the world’s top fitness brands, and leverage their reputation to earn money by promoting their products. Affiliate marketing can provide an incredible opportunity to multiply your income in less time. Share your thoughts and experience on Fitness Clothing Affiliate Programs in the comments down below. Thanks for Reading!  

Ecommerce Trends Ecommerce Trends, a blog regularly updated with trends in the eCommerce & marketing industry. The authors of this blog have decades of experience in their fields. Readers can seek extremely valuable information on Ecommerce Trends & Digital Marketing Strategies.