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A Guide To Maximizing Your Reach With Instagram Influencer Marketing

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Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is a powerful social media marketing strategy to interact and reach a wider audience. As the name reveals, brands collaborate with online influencers to increase their brand awareness, market products and promote services. 

Whether you own a small or large business; an Influencer marketing platform has become a necessity to survive and stay ahead of your competitors. 

According to a recent survey,Influencer Marketing on Instagram has created a top channel for 96% of media marketers.”

Influencer marketing incorporates endorsing and product placement and endorsements. Not only does it allow the luxury brands to attract new customers but also helps start ups or small businesses to promote their brand.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about influencer marketing; how it affects consumer behavior and drives business growth. Do read this ultimate guide to find out why media marketing affiliate marketing has become a vital part of today’s businesses. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Influencer Marketing? Why is it Important?

Modern Influencer marketing is the perfect blend of new and old social media funnel marketing. This mainstream marketing tool is a golden opportunity for startups, entrepreneurs, SMBs to integrate with famous social media influencers  to advertise their brand and services.

One of the major benefits of working with media marketers is their impressive reputation, enthusiastic fan following, and powerful convincing skills. They can easily affect the purchasing decision of the audience using their influential tactics and tantrums.

Do you think the huge fan following of these influencers is accidental or by chance? Then, you are highly mistaken!  

The social media influencers put a lot of effort and strategies into building and earning organic and niche-oriented audiences. Don’t even think about messing with them! They owe the audience and can walk away anytime spreading negative rumors about your products and services.

Wait for a second and just think, do you even read the ads running on websites or email subscriptions? Gone are the days when business used to rely on these old marketing methods.

Modern day consumers want real feedback about tested and tried products. Well, influencer marketing affiliate marketing is probably the best solution.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Did you know? All the luxury cosmetic brands in the U.S. like Morphe, NYX, ColourPop, YSL, Urban decay use influential marketing for promoting their products.

Various Benefits Of  Influencer marketing:

  • Earn Media Equivalence.
  • Builds brand authority, and trust.
  • Helps target the right audience(niche-oriented).
  • Approach to Ad-blockers
  • Helps approaching ad-blockers,
  • Content Management Strategy.
  • Enhance engagement rate.
  • Generate leads & boost business revenue.
  • Earn with Instagram Shoutout Dropshipping

Who Is An Influencer?

Social media Influencers are people with strong communication and marketing skills. They know how to interact with customers, build long-term relationships and convince them to buy the products for your business benefit.  With the knowledge and expertise in specific niches they can easily analyze consumer behavior.

Influencers can be anyone from a TV celebrity, bloggers or popular faces on social media platforms( Instagram/Facebook/Linked In) with a huge fanbase. 

Almost all big brands hire mega influencers to promote their brand, create new trends, and encourage their followers to buy the products.

Honestly speaking, audiences do not believe in what your brand says, rather they trust the influencers’ opinion for the honest reviews and recommendations.

Different Types of Influencers You Need to Know:

Businesses can gain numerous benefits from successful Instagram influencer marketing campaigns. You’ll come across millions of influencers on internet such as:

  • Mainstream Celebrities/ Brand ambassadors
  • Bloggers/Vloggers
  • Social media sensations
  • Reality TV Stars
  • Social Activists
  • Macro Influencers(40K-1 Million followers)
  • Nano Inlfuencers (1K-40K followers)
  • Photographers 
  • Journalists
Types of Influencers

Did you know?  Cristiano Ronaldo is the most successful and highest paid Instagram influencer with about 318  million active followers. At present, he is earning about $1.6 million from endorsements and paid partnerships . 

How to Create an Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy?

A well-planned and systematic digital marketing strategy can help you in the long -term. You can easily connect with the right audience, and achieve your business goals. Below is our step by step procedure to set up a successful influencer program:

1. Identify your Goal:

Before you tie up with any online ; it’s important to determine your goal. It is the first most important step towards a successful influencer marketing campaign. Check & decide what your goal is? Whether it is:

  • Building brand Image.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Improving Online visibility.
  • Increasing number of followers
  • Optimizing Content
  • Generating more leads
  • Increasing business revenue
  • Getting more sales and conversions
  • Building SEO links 
Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Another benefit of identifying goal is you get to know the metrics, and tools used to measure the success of a campaign.

2. Know your Audience:

To increase the sales, and business revenue; it’s important to target the niche-specific audience. The right influential marketing tools and the right influencer can promote your products and services to the right audience.

Want to drive more traffic to your website? The best way is to plan and outline particular details about your targeted audience. In includes their:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Ideal budget 
  • Interests
  • Track the times when they login.

When you know what kind of audience is right for your niche, it becomes easier to find the right influencer.

3. Understand The Rules:

In the U.S, it is important to understand the FTC (Federal Trade Commission ) rules before you implement an influencer marketing strategy, you need to understand the rules. 

The advertising rules may vary in different regions. Make sure to be transparent and upfront with the influencer . They must be able to recognize the sponsored posts.

FTC Influencer Marketing Rules

FTC guidelines you need to follow:

  • Always use hashtags #sponsored, or #ad for disclosure or agreements upfront, so viewers can easily notice the post. 
  • Video reviews should include written as well as verbal disclosure of the collaboration/partnership.
  • The brands must use the Branded Content tag on instagram to represent partnership. 

4. To Consider The 3 R’s of Influence

Make sure you have enough information about the three important parameters i.e. 3 R’s of influence marketing: 

  1. Relevance: It is important to ensure that the influencer has the right kind of audience that can benefit your business.
  1. Reach: It represents the number of followers that can potentially connect with your brand message and buy the products. Bigger is not always better. Even an influencer with a small audience can help get more profit and sales.
  1. Resonance: Niche influencers tend to have a more engaging and engaged audience. Resonance refers to a high level of engagement of followers with the audience.

5. Shortlist Influencers:

Always check whether or not your shortlisted influencer is relevant, reputed and has powerful marketing skills. It’s important their fans or followers trust their opinions and reviews shared by them.

To confirm, watch their existing videos and check the feedback, views , shares, and comments. A powerful influencer has a loyal audience that blindly believes in their recommendations.

Instagram influencer marketing strategy

Why Does Your Business Need Influencer Marketing?

The safest and easiest way to improve your brand visibility, and connect with a larger audience is to hire influencers. Their daily posts, remarks, updates about your product on specific social media channels enhance your online presence. Instagram influencer marketing platform or other platforms can help businesses achieve their marketing goals in a short period of time.

A right Influencer knows who their audience is and what they exactly want?! They present your brand in front of a vast audience in a systematic way Thus giving  businesses the advantage to attract a wide consumer base.  Well, this is one of the major reasons why brands love influencers.  

Now, let us give you the solid reasons why you should consider influencer marketing for your business:

Improves Brand Visibility:  

 Influencers put a lot of effort in marketing your brand products and services. The honest reviews, regular post updates about the usability of your products, and recommendations on their personal social media accounts helps increase business credibility.

Reach to Wider Audience:  

One can easily reach, target and deliver their brand’s message to a broader audience using this powerful marketing technique.  The engaging marketing campaigns enable the brands to increase your business revenue, and engagement rate.  

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Builds Long-Term Relationships:

 The huge fanbase of celebrity influencers or brand ambassadors easily trusts the reviews and remarks of products posted by them. Users even DM them on Instagram for personal suggestions. Overall, targeting the right audience via the famous influencers helps businesses’ building healthy relationships with the audience.

Influencer Marketing Statistics in 2023

  1. About 86% of  influencers use shop features on their social media platforms.
  2. Approx. 58% of influencers promote products and services of the fashion and food industry.
  3. Facebook is the most powerful social media channel that strongly influences the consumer minds(about 53%) to buy the products.
  4. 82% of the consumers trust the opinions, remarks and reviews made by famous celebrities and online influencers.
  5. 56% of the marketers prefer running campaign-based influencing marketing.
  6. About 49% of people easily purchase the products reviewed and recommended  by the mega influencers.”

FAQs About Influencer Marketing

How to identify the right Influencer ?

A right influencer has better reach and engagement, compatible with the audience. He knows how to deal with the criticism, negative comments, and troublemakers. So, they won’t affect your marketing campaign, and brand image.

How successful is Influencer Marketing ?

About 80% of social media marketers rely on influencer marketing to target and connect vast audiences. They do agree on the fact that the quality of traffic obtained via influencers is far better than other digital marketing tools.  

What are some Best Examples of Influencer Marketing?

Check below the successful influencer marketing campaigns run by big brands :

  • #PlayTheLife Game by Baggit
  • Paddy Power #SaveOurShirt Campaign.
  • 67 Shades of Dior Campaign.
  • #ShootForSolly by Allen Solly 
  • #TridentSocialHotel by Hotel Trident
  • #SayItWithPepsi campaign received 46 million impressions

Wrapping up!

Now, you know the various benefits of influencer marketing. There is no denying the fact that Influencer marketing has become a mainstream and legitimate marketing channel in this new era. 9 out of 10 brands use the Instagram influencer marketing strategy to drive more traffic and generate leads.

Nowadays, social media influencers have become the #1 choice of  marketers to increase brand awareness, and improve business ROI. With a sheer range  of influencers available on the internet, it’s quite challenging to pick the right influencer.  After all, it’s them who establish your brand image, market your products, and earn media attention.

If you ask us, Influencer marketing is an incredible tool whose popularity is not going to fade away in the upcoming years. 

We hope you liked this piece of knowledge.  And, If you have any doubts or queries; leave a comment!

Ecommerce Trends Ecommerce Trends, a blog regularly updated with trends in the eCommerce & marketing industry. The authors of this blog have decades of experience in their fields. Readers can seek extremely valuable information on Ecommerce Trends & Digital Marketing Strategies.