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How To Start A Dropshipping With No Money?

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Dropshipping With No Money

When you are starting a new business, you are short of two things– time and money (unless you are from a highly privileged background). It may be difficult for startups to produce profits right away.  You will have to work overtime to make funds for the employee’s salaries etc. Thus the time frame is also reduced. This is the reason why dropshipping can be a brilliant option for first-time entrepreneurs. In dropshipping, you will outsource processes like manufacturing, inventory handling, and shipping to third-party sellers so that you can use the time for improving your business. Dropshipping models can be confusing to a few people. That’s why we are providing a comprehensive guide on  how to do dropshipping with no money

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method that sellers use to ship their orders directly to customers without having to handle any inventory. When you run a dropshipping business, your job is to accept the order from the customer and fulfill the order through your suppliers. There are tons of free dropshipping apps to complete your dropship business easily. There are several dropshipping models in the market out of which a few models require a specific upfront investment. The good news is that as a beginner, you can still do dropshipping without a penny in your pocket. In this way, first-time entrepreneurs can keep costs low and save time in marketing their products. 

There Are Three Easy Ways You Can Dropship With No Money:

  1. Order single items only after receiving an order but not in bulk.
  2. Using free dropshipping websites like AliExpress etc,
  3. Use free dropshipping tools and plugins to create your online store, import products, and do product fulfillment.    

How To Dropship With No Money?

How to dropship with no money

Shown below are the 5 popular steps to start your dropshipping business for free. 

1. Choose Your Products

The first thing is to select the niche and the products you want to dropship. The right product is the one that helps you attract your first customers and also develop your future business. 

Here Are A Few Tips To Follow While Choosing Your Products OR Niche:

  1. Choose the niche that interests you.
  2. Your niche should have low to medium competitiveness otherwise you may face difficulties making a profit with a highly competitive niche.
  3. Choose a niche with a profit margin of 40% after shipping costs, seller fees, and taxes.
  4. The products you want to choose should have average positive reviews. 
  5. Visit other dropshipping-related websites to get an idea of products in demand and trendy ones. 

If you are looking for help in product research, there are many popular dropshipping product research tools in the market like AliExpress Dropshipping Center, Dropship Spy, Ecom Hunt, Niche Scraper, Sell the trend, etc. use these dropshipping apps and find your niche and product to dropship. 

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2. Find reliable suppliers

As you don’t manage products in dropshipping, it is important to choose trusted suppliers. Good suppliers charge reasonable prices and ensure a better quality of products when delivering to the customers. You should be extra careful in choosing the supplier as you want to dropship with no money. 

A few things to confirm:

  1. Are the products advertised? 
  2. Do the product’s quality and order quantity meet your requirements?
  3. Can you find online reviews related to the suppliers?
  4. Do they handle product returns or damage? If so, how do they do it?
  5. Will they provide protection against fraud?
  6. How much time do they take from sale to delivery and complete an order?

3. Choose The Right Platform

There are tons of eCommerce platforms for startups in the market that help you create a highly functional online store. You need to choose a platform with essential eCommerce features and also provide dropshipping solutions for the smooth operation of your business. 

There are several free eCommerce platforms available for dropshipping in the market. These platforms offer a free trial to let you explore and test the platform before taking any decision. Each platform comes with its own set of pros and cons depending on the products. Also, you may have to pay for hosting, apps, integrations, etc. when you are dropshipping with no money, use the free trials to test the platform and decide if it’s suitable for you or not.   

4. Create Your Store

Now that you have selected your eCommerce platform, it’s time to build your online store to present the products. Your eCommerce platform simplifies the work of finding a domain name, installing plugins related to sales and marketing, and launching your website. From adding products to collecting payments in different currencies from customers across the globe, your store can easily manage all of them.  

Follow These Steps To Create Your Dropshipping Store:

steps to create dropshipping store

  1. Create a custom domain to make your brand unique and stand out in the market.
  2. Add pages to your website like a landing page, homepage, products collection page, checkout page, etc.
  3. A visually appealing theme grabs the visitor’s attention and holds them longer on your website. Choose a functional theme that eases the customer’s navigation and is attractive. 
  4. Integrate your dropshipping app into your store and start your dropshipping business right away with no money. 
  1. Market your business: How to advertise dropshipping for free

Everything is set up. The next step is to take your store to the world. Sales for business are like oxygen to humans. Marketing is necessary for any business to become successful. Dropshipping is no exception in winning the eCommerce game. Prepare a solid marketing strategy and launch your sales promotion campaign today!      

Wrapping Up!

To sum up, dropshipping is an excellent way for startups to save their time and money and also for dropshippers who are new to the field but want to test their marketing abilities on various products. 

After reading this article, you must be aware of how to dropship with no money using dropshipping apps. What’s stopping you? Start your eCommerce business and search for winning products for dropshipping. 

Now, it’s your time to talk. Have you done dropshipping with no money before? What free dropshipping tools have you used? How is your experience? Share your answers in the comments. Thanks for Reading!

Ecommerce Trends Ecommerce Trends, a blog regularly updated with trends in the eCommerce & marketing industry. The authors of this blog have decades of experience in their fields. Readers can seek extremely valuable information on Ecommerce Trends & Digital Marketing Strategies.