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15+ Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores in 2023

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16 Best Shopify Apps For Clothing Stores

Shopify no. 1 ecommerce platform powering 500,000 businesses in 175 countries. Showcase your clothing brand in style with the best Shopify apps for clothing stores! Our list of 15+ best apps will help you create an amazing fashion store without any coding skills. With Shopify, you can take your apparel business to the next level and stay ahead of the competition. Choose from a variety of features such as customer engagement solutions, marketing and promotional tools, inventory management, and more. Get ready to experience a new way to shop with the Shopify App for Clothing!

Best Review Apps For Shopify, UGC, And Social Proof Apps

User-generated content, customer reviews, ratings, product review images, videos, etc are extremely important to increase your brand’s credibility and also persuade new customers to purchase your product. Collecting reviews from your customers can be a tedious task for retailers. To simplify the process of review collecting, the following are some of the best review apps for Shopify:  

1. Create Social Proof From UGC by Socialphotos

 UGC| Customer Photos & Videos-shopify app


$15/ month, 14-day free trial

Displaying your products on multiple channels can expose your brand to a variety of audiences. Having a lookbook can let your audience know how well the garment suits your body.   

All the galleries are easily installable without any coding knowledge.  Share your galleries across Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook using the social share buttons. 

The performance analytics tool reveals the extent of engagement and conversions of your products.  

You get notified whenever a new Instagram photo is uploaded. You can track whenever a customer tags or mentions your brand in the comments or posts. The platform allows you to track up to 30 hashtags.

It integrates well with Shopify 2.0 and Shopify Vintage theme through a one-liner. You can also customize and then upload forms and set various instructions in your desired language.    

2. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos-Shopify apps


Free plan (extra charges may apply)

It is one of the best review apps for Shopify. The reviews widget and the automatic review emails feature enable you to collect reviews, ratings, photos, and customer videos from multiple sources and import them with a single click. 

Display these reviews on your website or social media as social proof and improve the conversion rates. Use analytics to measure your performance and make better business decisions. 

Using data-driven tools, make it as simple as possible for the customers to give reviews and get the opportunity to convert every purchase into a review. Highlight the important details in the reviews and let the visitors get an instant idea of how the product benefits them. 

Encourage your customers to leave a review by offering them incentives or special discounts. The platform has 24×7 live chat and over 500 support agents are available to constantly support the users. It supports headless websites and custom storefronts.

3. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

 Loox Product Reviews & Photos-shopify apps


$9.99/ month. 14-day free trial. (Additional charges may apply) 

Just like Yotpo, Loox is also a product review gathering tool, used to collect customer reviews on your clothing store. 

Some of the popular features include automated review request emails, providing offers/discounts to the customers who provide a video testimonial, etc.   

Over 100,000 retailers trust Loox to collect product reviews from their customers. The app has a rating of 4.9/ 5 in the Shopify Store

The platform is extremely easy to use and provides 24×7 customer support to immediately respond to its customer queries.  

4. Buzzbassador

Buzzbassador-Shopify app


$39.99/ month, 14-day free trial 

Buzzbassador is an excellent platform for successfully managing affiliates, influencers, or brand ambassador programs. 

Using the workflow automation, quickly accept the affiliate applicants, generate code and send emails to them. Using the live dashboard, track the performance of your ambassadors, and new applicants, and watch out for earning all in one place. 

Design your application form by adding custom text, photos, questions, and other details that suit your target audience and easily integrate into your Shopify Store. 

Automatically calculate the commissions and using the 1-Click Mass Pay feature, pay your affiliates through PayPal or use the “ Mark as read” feature through Venmo, Stripe, and other payment methods. 

Design a custom Shopify integrated landing page using the drag and drop editor and market your affiliate program. Schedule face-to-face calls or use the chat feature inside the app to get instant support from their technical team.

The platform’s modern affiliate interface provides useful tools like real-time affiliate sales and payout tracking, “click to share” widgets, and lets ambassadors easily share their links and social media accounts. 

Apps For And Sizing

Size settings may vary from brand to brand and product to product. Some of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores, It helps you create accurate sizing guides for your customers:

5. ESC Size Charts & Size Guide

ESC Size Charts & Size Guide-Shopify app



Create customizable sizing guides for different products and quickly add them to your product page using a code snippet. 

Using the fully customizable CSS, align your size charts perfectly with the look and feel of your store. Email support is available to assist you in the app installations and other issues. 

Using a singe-line of code, place your size guides at suitable positions of the app. With the table generator inside the application, you can create editable and expandable size guides.  

Using the unlimited size guides with your subscription, create a unique size guide for each product, or collection.    

6. Camweara Jewelry Try-on

Camweara Jewelry Try-on-Shopify app


$90/ month, 7-day free trial 

Now learn how the jewelry looks on you in real-time and find the best suitable jewelry sets through this app. Let the customers quickly find out what they are looking for and make your customers extremely happy. 

The advanced virtual 2D & 3D AR provide a real-time experience of trying this jewelry for the customers. This try-before-buy feature allows them to virtually try products before purchasing and thus reduce return rates. 

Lengthen the user sessions and provide your customers with an interactive and engaging shopping experience. Quickly integrate the app to your Shopify store with just a click. 

The app is compatible with iOS android and windows browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

7. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender-Shopify app



The platform offers three types of recommenders to improve your conversion rates and reduce the return rate: 

  • Advanced Apparel Recommender: Using simple questions like age, gender, etc recommend a perfect size to your customers using the machine learning-based body size prediction.  
  • Generic Table Recommender: For some, it is not possible to measure the size, this is a perfect size recommender tool for them.
  • Custom Size Recommender: Create size recommenders using your custom logic that suits your specific shop requirements. 

With this app, you can customize almost every element of the chart like layout, text, font style, etc. it lets you create size charts and match the products based on specific requirements or conditions using the product tags, categories, etc. 

If you are managing multiple shops, import the size charts from the other shops and synchronize them. The app can be installed in one click without the need for a single line of code. 

Using the automatic unit conversions, the tool automatically converts into a standard unit irrespective of the unit you have entered. The significant feature of the app is that it automatically detects the unit of the size chart based on the user’s geolocation.   

Shoppable Galleries And Lookbook Apps:

In eCommerce stores, clothing products are in digital format. The only way to let customers visualize the product is by uploading high-quality pictures from various angles. Lookbook galleries are excellent tools to display your product images to viewers. Let’s look at some of the best Shopify lookbook apps for a clothing stores:  

8. Lookbook Shoppable Galleries

Lookbook Shoppable Galleries-Shopify app


$4.99/ month, 7-day free trial 

Display your image gallery in multiple layouts like grid view, slideshow, collage view, etc to create interactive lookbooks. The fully responsive lookbook galleries let you display your products perfectly on mobiles and iPad devices.

It lets you add multiple images in bulk in minutes with just a click. The app has a customer success team to assist you in quickly setting up the app on your store using the live chat, phone, or screen share.   

The drag and drop feature let you organize the images in the lookbook gallery. Highlight specific products by placing them at the beginning of the lookbook gallery. Add your desired products directly into the cart within a few clicks. 

Using the product tagging system, helps the shoppers to visualize your products better and increase sales.    

Print-on-Demand Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Apparel Stores.

9. Printify Print on Demand

Printify Print on Demand-Shopify app


Free plan, Additional charges may apply.  

With over 2 million active users, Printify is one of the best print-on-demand Shopify apps in the world.  

It covers a network of 65 printers over 90 locations providing better opportunities for merchants to sell globally at competitive prices.  

Customize any kind of product and sync automatically in your store. The logistics operations like printing, sourcing, and shipping are handled by the app’s management team so you can focus solely on generating sales without worrying about inventory management. 

Over 600 customizable products are listed on the app and can be accessed at the most competitive prices in the market. Using the easy-to-use mockup generator, know how your product looks in different colors and sizes.    

10. Ownprint: Print on Demand

 Ownprint: Print on Demand-Shopify app


Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Similar to Printify, Ownprint lets you sell print-on-demand jewelry products with the fastest fulfillment rates and delivery times worldwide.    

More than 100 products are available to choose from which can be shipped to over 150 countries worldwide at affordable shipping rates. 

You can easily integrate this app to your Shopify online store and import the products within minutes to sell them online. 

You can add customized labeling and packaging options to your products. The app lets you ship the products under your brand name.  

Once you submit your designs using the Ownprint templates, from production to delivery, the whole process of selling is handled by the app’s team.  

How To Increase Sales On Shopify Using Sales Channel Apps? 

11. Pinterest

 Pinterest-Shopify app


Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Pinterest is a great platform if you want to sell fashion, art, and home decor products worldwide. With Pinterest, you get an opportunity to display your products in front of 400 million users thus widening your chances of brand reach and selling. 

Let your potential customers save and share your products through wishlists. Once your products are published, people can easily find and buy them from your website without letting you spend a penny on advertising.    

You can also use ads with free credits and reach a wider audience on the web. The analytics feature helps you track impressions, referral traffic, re-pinners and product reach, etc. if you want advanced analytics, you can also integrate with third-party analytic platforms. 

Quickly integrate your Shopify Store to this platform, create product pins and sell directly to your followers. 

12. Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy Marketplace Integration-Shopify app


Free to $59 / month, 7-day free trial available 

This app informs you about the errors that occur during the product listings or synching the listings on the Etsy-Shopify store. This app lets you list products from Etsy to Shopify or Shopify to Etsy in both ways. If the products are available on both platforms, then you connect them without losing any duplicates using this application. 

You can decide to ship your products with or without tracking and thus get personalized order management. 24×7 live chat customer support to resolve all your issues immediately. 

The bulk product upload and complete product management. Using the app, effectively manage the inventory stocked up at different locations. This integration app also supports imposing different taxes on different locations.  

Other Helpful Apps For Online Stores

13. Swatch King

Swatch King-Shopify app


Free to $49.90 / month, 30-day free trial

The Swatch King app enables its users to display a preview of the products as visual swatches instead of displaying product options. Show product recommendations and their variation swatches. 

Let users easily find out the products using color swatches and custom image searches. Group products as variations on the products page and display more than 100 variants and more than 3 product options on the collections page.  

It integrates well with the top Shopify-rated applications and also displays out-of-stock variants. The app supports multilingual stores that translate into multiple languages with the help of a language-translation tool. 

The application works well with mobile and iOS devices. The swatches, buttons, and dropdowns can be customized to suit your store’s design and requirements.  

Using the variant image Automator, automatically display images related to the specific variant and make your product pages look professional.  The variant descriptions king feature displays different descriptions for different variants  

14. Wiser Personalized Recommendations

 Wiser Personalized Recommendations-Shopify app


Starting at Free up to $999/month, a 14-day free trial available  

AI engine tracks user behavior and shows product recommendations accordingly. It also lets you display frequently bright together products to the customers and sell higher. Trusted by Unilever, Kappa USA, and 3000+ popular brands. 

Smart upsell popups allow you to show recommendations in popups like exit intent, page scroll & add to cart. Get a detailed understanding of the browsing pattern of the users by skimming through their browsing history. 

The analytics dashboard lets you track sales using Wiser’s Widgets. Send product recommendations to your customers through email. 

Create your email template and upsell using the Mailchimp or Klaviyo email marketing services. Use the Wiser smart widgets to get additional functionalities and sell more.   

15. BON Loyalty Rewards & Referral

BON Loyalty Rewards & Referral-Shopify app



The app comes with a user-friendly interface. You can display your store in more than 200 languages simultaneously. It lets you translate the text on widgets into the desired languages.

Using the referral program, refer this app to a friend and both of you earn loyal points once your friend signs up and fulfills an order. It increases the brand reach and in turn, improves customer retention rates. 

Using the statistics, get an all-time performance analysis on the loyalty programs and know how much revenue is generated. Dedicated support team to immediately respond to the customers. 

Customize the look of the widget using color, text, banner image, illustrations, and other elements that suit your brand identity.  The app integrates with Shopify POS and allows customers to quickly apply the discount codes and make a purchase. 

16. Return & Exchange Portal by ReturnGo

Return & Exchange Portal


$9.97/month. 14-day free trial available 

This app lets you quickly manage and track returns & exchanges using the automated returns management system.

The unfulfilled orders are automatically canceled, saving you the time spent on the order cancellations, and order returns thus increasing the customer satisfaction rates.  

Customize the product exchange policy and let your customers exchange items for different products and their variations. Define the product exchange eligibility conditions as a part of the return policy.

You can create a personalized return policy and a dedicated support system is always available to help you in optimizing the returns management processes.  

Be The Ultimate Clothing Destination

Shopify comes with a plethora of apps to help you optimize your clothing store and make better sales. You can find an app in the Shopify App store for every problem you are likely to encounter while building and maintaining your online store.  Understand your business requirements and choose the best Shopify apps for your clothing stores.

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Ecommerce Trends Ecommerce Trends, a blog regularly updated with trends in the eCommerce & marketing industry. The authors of this blog have decades of experience in their fields. Readers can seek extremely valuable information on Ecommerce Trends & Digital Marketing Strategies.